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Modern designer on magnets DIY MAGKISS will be a real boon for children and their parents. It consists of many bright multi-colored parts. On their basis, you can create the most incredible objects, structures and shapes. They can be petals, animals, vehicles or something else. Usually the game with this set takes place on a flat surface. However, parts are easily attached to magnetic planes – for example, a refrigerator. In addition to its main entertainment function, this kit allows you to develop memory, fine motor skills, concentration, logic and attentiveness.
Absolutely all the details of the designer are made of environmentally friendly plastic. Therefore, even kids can play and spend time building various objects. Both girls and boys will like the set. Even parents will get a lot of pleasure in the implementation of such a creative process. In addition, the designer helps to realize any interesting ideas. Novelty impresses with its positive qualities and ease of use.
The specialized DIY designer kit MAGKISS is an amazing toy that will suit as a gift for children up to fourteen years old for any holiday. Magnetic details will please the opportunity to create a variety of shapes for each child.

 Kids: Baby Boy and Baby girl Age   3+

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